’80s synth logos!

This is what a designer who needs a mental break gets up to on a stormy Sunday afternoon. Because I'm the kind of person who wonders about such things, I got to thinking: What if some of my favourite '80s musicians had the same aesthetic as the big butt-rock boys of the day? The answer to that question is a few patches I wouldn't be ashamed to sew into my Canadian tuxedo.


Bad Building film poster & lobby card

Bad Building film poster

Film promotional materials designed for Industry Works Pictures and New Image Entertainment. I created the logotype that's now used in all the promotions. For the poster element, I utilized a 3D rendered image from the film's post-production work (by Black Arts Media) as the basis, along with a bunch of urban stock photos. I also wrote the film blurbs!

This design ended up being featured on CNN, Badass Digest and several other outlets as an example of memorable film marketing. (They even quoted my copy directly.) New Image wanted to change the title, but somehow we convinced them not to :)