Art and costuming design: “Under Wraps” Disney Film (2021)

The movie’s finally out so I can talk about this! If you’re a subscriber to Disney+ or have seen the Disney Channel anytime in October of 2021, you might’ve seen Under Wraps, the Vancouver-lensed remake of the 1997 film. I had the opportunity to work with the costume department for this Disney feature, designing numerous custom patches and designs that Seams Weird brought to life with embroidery, including a moon-and-stars, a she/her pronouns insignia, and numerous bats and spiders for the character “Amy” played by Sophia Hammons. Amy was described to us by the department head as a quirky, politically-conscious girl who enjoys spooky imagery, so we tried to capture that in our work.

I’m not sure if everything I designed made it to the screen, but here’s what I could find when I watched the film. Very exciting! Sadly, since we weren’t on set, we don’t get closing credits or IMDB listings for our work, but that’s how this industry goes sometimes. So I post it here instead. My she/her design also made it into the promotional photo material, which is very cool.

Subscribers can check out the film on Disney+ right now!