Canadian Forces: RCOC Museum logo

Canadian Forces: RCOC Museum logo

Here’s an interesting one. Some work with the Canadian Forces Logistics Association, a division of the Government of Quebec. They were looking to revamp their hallowed logo for some new branding for their RCOC Museum in Montreal. Many rounds of revision eventually led to this. The client was happy but alas, the project was shelved (as often happens with government projects). I think this one is pretty special, though.



My revision:


Branding: Plotdigger Films

Plotdigger Films logo

Logo and ad designs for Plotdigger Films, an independent horror film company in Vancouver. Created the graphics shown below, including a logo used to this day.

This was all an admittedly strange and unique work opportunity– one for which I am grateful. Though the 'extreme horror' genre isn't always to my taste, I've come to know filmmaker / Plotdigger CEO Ryan Nicholson as an uncompromising artist with a singular vision.

Working with Ryan sparked my involvement in the Vancouver film industry, which soon translated to work with numerous companies and even some (not-so-extreme) filmmaking efforts of my own.