Dead Rising: Watchtower zombie concept art & execution

In 2015 I was sought out by special effects master Ryan Nicholson to whip up some concept art for a few 'special' zombies in the upcoming film "Dead Rising: Watchtower", based on the Capcom game series. Being a fan of the games since the initial XBox days, I couldn't say no.

After a few iterations, I was proud to come up with a new addition to Dead Rising's roster of dangerous clown characters. Bonzo here is played in the film by Ernst C. Harth, with make-up effects by Ryan Nicholson, Megan Nicholson and Michelle Grady. They got the look down exactly! The art shown here was also used as a vinyl print for Bonzo's truck, seen in the film.

I'm not mentioned in the following "Making Of" feature, but you can see interviews with actor and artists, including great close-ups of Bonzo and his creepy van: