Produced or in production

  • Nuked: The Series web series, 7 episodes, 2011
  • The Devil's Bill short film, 2012
  • America's Most Haunted  short film, 2014
  • Big F***ing Monster feature film (with Ryan Nicholson & Michael Davies), 2011
  • The Cargo feature film (additional dialogue, script by Reggie Keyohara III), 2012
  • The Privileged feature film (story by Paul Burton; based on treatment by Jeff O'Brien), 2014

Not yet in production

  • Scarlet Vengeance feature film (story by J.R. Boos and Jeanine Chau)
  • Rat Squad feature film (in development)
  • Chump Change short film
  • Resonance short film
  • All-Nighter  short film
  • A Zombie's Best Friend  short film
  • Jumped In  short film
  • Witch//Hunter  short film


  • Woo Hoo! is an upbeat urban comedy full of colour and energy. The short stories of Woo Hoo! follow Jolee, an aspiring artist from the boonies, and Rhiys, a fringe-dwelling parkour master, as they share adventures in Port Metro, a vibrant Pacific Northwest city. Collaboration with online artist Molly Nemecek. Two books published (now sold out).
  • Even Death May Die! – It's 1939 in the sprawling Art Deco nightmare of Nocturne City. A crew of Nazi rogues has come to the city to unlock the secret of the Necronomicon and unleash the apocalypse. The only people who stand in their way are junior adventuress Michelle Jehanne and hard-boiled detective Jack Chow. They haven't a prayer, but they've got bullets to spare!
  • Dead Metaphor – Amy Fang is a Vancouver art-punk with a normal 18-year-old's problems: family, school, social life… and a worldwide zombie plague. In a dystopian world where success means selling out, and where the dead are more alive than the living, Amy is determined to move away from home, kickstart her career, and survive on her own — that is, if she survives at all! [Cue Vincent Price laughter] Collaboration with Jeanine Chau.